Decrease Crime / Promote Safety

Detroit has been plagued with violence for years. Historically, our city has been in the top 100 for most violent cities in America; and over the past two years we have topped the charts as the #1 most violent city in the U.S. according to Neighborhood Scout and CBS News. According to FBI, violent crimes consist of murder, manslaughter, robbery, rape, and aggravated assault. This is the evil that is plaguing our city. Detroit, it’s time to take a STAND against this evil!

Community Revitalization

Blight has become a trademark for Detroit. In movie scenes, news and across the world, Detroit has been characterized by its blight, broken down neighborhoods, abandonment, desolation and its oppressive nature. With our beautify Detroit initiative we will build the old waste places and increase our population.

abandoned school in Detroit

Education & Recreation Reform

The perils of Detroit school system are many. Our children are being educated in a slighted system that has been deprived for far too long. With a lack of resources, funding, supplies etc. it puts our children at a disadvantaged. They’re behind on the learning curve in comparison to their peers who attends suburban schools. Additionally, many children are lacking adequate recreation with a plethora of recreation centers closed in their neighborhoods. IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE DETROIT; our children deserve better!

Social Justice

Creating a fair and justice society for all Detroiters to thrive. Ensuring that equal opportunity is afforded to all. Taking care of the well-being of the disadvantaged and removing the disparities that divide the city. The following will be supported: